Thursday, September 13, 2007

Where I'll be Teaching

Here's a couple of pictures of Morlaix, where I'll be teaching in a mere few weeks. Incidentally, Morlaix is derived from "Mord les," which is from the phrase, "S'ils te mordent, mord les," which means "If they bite you, bite them." Also, it is in Finistére, which is from the latin, "Finis Terrae" which means "end of the earth". Mike finds it funny that I live in bite them, at the end of the earth. Yes, yes, this is rather humorous.

1 comment:

Michael Faris said...

Bite Them, End of the Earth! Hahahah!

God, It looks so much like Europe. I have to visit you there in December. And then we'll get drunk together traveling in Europe. :)