Thursday, January 10, 2008

UT Stories

I haven't been good about posting links to my UT Stories lately. True, because of the vacation I haven't written many over the last few weeks, but it's starting to pick up again. Here are the links to catch up the, like, one person who probably bothers to read them:

Space causes cancer! Well, probably not, but cosmic rays might.

MIT is designing a spacecraft to measure the Moon's gravity field.

Radio emissions from Saturn help to figure out it's rotation period.

Magnetic "ropes" connect the Earth to the Sun.

Organic molecules found outside our Solar System! This one's exciting.

The weather outlook on Saturn: cyclones at both poles.

The AAS (American Astronomical Society) meeting is in Austin, Texas this week, which means there will be a bunch of stories coming out soon on all sorts of exciting stuff. Astronomy Cast is covering this meeting live, and in full force.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

Thanks for those links...I have yet to find something on animalcules, though...

Pam said...

Nick-I may well be that one person who does read them. Thing is, my eyes start to glaze over when I get too far into them. You know me! Glad to see you back and posting. Miss you terribly.

Nick said...

I suppose the organic molecules are the closest thing to animalcules as of yet. When they find microbes on Mars, you'll have yer damn animalcules then!