Sunday, March 9, 2008


I learned the other day that the word vitamins comes from the melding of the words "vital" and "amines." I thought this was really neat to know for some reason. Well, the story is even better. I found out courtesy of this article that the guy who named vitamins was named Casimir Funk. How cool of a name is that? If I ever own a pet again, I'm going to name him Casimir Funk. The end.


thomas said...

One of my friends in Minneapolis goes to a doctor named Dr. Funk, which we've agreed is a singularly awesome name (almost as good as "Dr. Doctor", which he also has had).

Pam said...

There was a dentist in Rapid City Nick who was named Dr. Molar!!! No shit!!!

That's hilarious. I wonder if Dr. Funk specializes in the treatment of depression?