Monday, December 17, 2007


Scientific American's News Bytes of the Week are almost always amusing, but the December 14th ones are particularly so. "Why Pregnant Women Don't Tip Over," and "Italian Docs Strip for Money," are hilarious, though it's sad that the Arctic is melting and that the U.K. is pulling out of the ILC and cutting a bunch of phunding for physics in their country.

I'm finally all caught up on my astronomy reading for the last week of absence. See all those links over there on the left hand side? I try to read all of the news-related ones about every day, and missing three or four days is a good way to get set back (especially with Bad Astronomy, as being a published writer Phil seemingly has nothing better to do that screw around on the internets all day and, y'know, make the world a better place by keeping everyone honest). Now I just have to get caught up with my UT stories, and I'll be ready to go on vacation! Yay for the lazy French and their vacations!

Speaking of UT, the last Astronomy Cast was particularly inspiring. Think you can't do anything for science? Think again!! Listen to find out more about how just using your eyes and a computer you can participate in the "world's real oldest profession."

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