Thursday, December 20, 2007


I leave for vacation tomorrow! I only have a couple of classes in the morning, lunch with some other teachers, and then I leave Morlaix around 4pm to see Mike! I haven't seen him in almost exactly a year. I will now make a list of things I must do before departure, in the Farisian style to honor this great event:

- Cut my hair and clean bathroom and living room
- Wash some clothes in the bathtub
- Cook dinner
- Write 2-3 UT short articles
- Burn a CD of Christmas music for my chilluns
- Pack my messenger bag
- Organize tickets and reading material for the trip
- Get money out for trip

I think that's it. I won't have a lot of internet love over the break, so here is your homework: post suggestions as to what I should do with the rest of my life in the comments. I have set a deadline of the end of January for deciding what jobs I will apply for after this one, and need some help. Have at it.


Anonymous said...

Top 10 suggestions for Nick to do the rest of his life:

1. Be true and honest with himself. Follow HIS heart. Do what HE loves.

2. Call his Mother

3. Continually remind his Grandmother NOT TO WORRY about him!

4. Be kind and generous to a fault to all that cross his path.

5. Continue to write and share his awesome talents with others.

6. Never, ever lose his passion for life and traveling and all things cool like coffee and wine and friends and family.

7. Call his Mother.

8. Look for only for the good in people and past all the bad.

9. Be grateful for all his many and varied talents.

10. Call his Mother. She loves him so much.

Is this what you had in mind Boogie? Have an awesome time with Mike, but I seriously question the clean the toilet item on your list. Did Mike ever do that!?!? I didn't think so.

kula said...

I was going to suggest that you do with the rest of your life the same thing you always try to do with the rest of your life: try to take over the world, but maybe you should really call your mother.