Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Crab Nebula Pulsar

Fraser has posted my newest article over at UT. It's super-interesting, as it deals with the pulsar situated in the Crab Nebula, which is pretty and also was one of the first ever observed supernovae. First one to make a crab joke in the comments wins the prize of my simultaneous admiration and disgust. Just so you know that this isn't about parasites, here's a cool picture of the nebula:


Michael Faris said...

Are you sure that's a photo of a nebula? It looks oddly like the mutant crabs that used to infest your bed and crotch when we lived together.

I win!

Nick said...

Ah, Mike. I can always count on you to be dirty. You win indeed.

Anonymous said...

Now that is just TOO MUCH INFORMATION Mike. First of all how would you know if Nick had crabs, and how would you know they were in his bed??? You boys....... Mom