Sunday, October 28, 2007

Vacation already

The best part of this job is how little time I have to spend doing it. I just got done teaching for three weeks, and now I'm on vacation until next Thursday. Right now I'm back in Carhaix with my friend Gabby, and we are riding bikes and just chillin. Tomorrow we go to Rennes for three days to be crazy and see what there is to see. Then I get to go to Le Havre to see some old friend, and bring my old friend the Motobecane back to Morlaix. All in all, it should be grand. Have fun at your job or school, sucka.


Michael Faris said...

care to do some grading for me on your vacation? jerk. :)

Anonymous said...

Life's a bitch, then you move to France to teach....... *heavy sigh* Tell Jon & Martine hello! Mom

Robert said...

Enjoy your vacation, fool. There should be a haiku in the post for you when you get back.