Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mmmm....biscuits and gravy

Being vegan, I rarely have the chance to enjoy the hearty succulence that is biscuits and gravy, mostly because the constituents are sausage and cream, two things that a vegan enjoys not. There is, however, and oasis of biscuits and gravy for vegans to be found at the wonderful Seward Café, located in that city of cities, Minneapolis. Here is a picture of me eating too much of said dish, courtesy of my friend Rachael B.

And here is a picture of Ms. B. herself overpartaking.

She may very well kill me for posting this picture of her making a horrible face. Ah well, such is the price one pays for blogging.


Brant said...

nice shirt, hippie.

Mom said...

I wouldn't blame her if she did get mad at you. Not a flattering pic of such a lovely young lass!!!