Monday, November 19, 2007

Back from Brest

Rode the Motobecane to Brest this weekend, and didn't get lost on the way! It was m-fin' cold, though, but I'm pretty used to biking in the cold. No frostbite or anything, just some numb feet and a blurry spot in the vision of my left eye for part of the day (my eyeballs got really, really cold, and that happens sometimes when they're cold for a long time).

Brest was nice and chill. Emma and I just kinda walked around on Saturday, and then made guacamole to take to a soirée with some other assistants. It was a good time, and it was nice to meet some new people and get out of Morlaix a bit.

Sunday was pretty lazy. I got up at 9am and worked on some of my UT articles, and Emma got up at 10 and we had breakfast. Then we proceeded to just lie around and do absolutely nothing until like 1pm. We went and saw "American Gangster" in ENGLISH, and it was wonderful. The film is spectacular, and you should go see it.

It rained all day Sunday, so I rode my bike to the train station and got a rooster tail on my jeans. Ah, well, that is the life of the cyclist.

Tomorrow: there's a strike!! I know I don't have my afternoon class, but am suspicious that my morning class teacher actually wants to come to work, so I might have to work one hour tomorrow. Sigh.