Friday, November 30, 2007

Boba Fett or RobaFett? You decide.

I was working on an article about using robots for space exploration (link to come soon, I hope) and I came across this image in the research proposal:

I thought, "That looks an awful lot like Boba Fett." Below is a picture of Boba Fett for comparison:

All of which means that Star Wars is real, the Death Star is nigh and the government is covering it up in a grand conspiracy to keep us in the dark about the coming of the Empire.
(Image credit: I couldn't find a link to the report that it's originally from, and the one I read just references the original and must be paid for. SO, the report of origin as cited is: R. Ambrose, ROBONAUT Activity Report, NASA Johnson).

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kula said...

That's what they *want* you to think. The Sheyboygan Illuminati are actually raising a zombie army, lead by, amusingly enough, Elvis. Whoda thunk it? The robots are just a diversion.

The truth shall set you free.