Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Liberating Students

So, this morning has already been a bit of an adventure. I took the Gitane, which is pretty well disassembled, to my first class to give them a lesson about bike parts, tools, and useful verbs when working on machines, etc. (like take apart, install, righty tighty, lefty loosey). It was awesome, and I think they learned a bit. Also, I had three student teachers observing my class, and I hope they enjoyed it. I got all greasy, showed them what's inside a hub and bottom bracket cups, stuff they've probably never had the chance to learn in French let alone English. These are technical students, too, so learning words like screwdriver and rubber mallet and threads are important.

I took my bike back to my room and was going back to the classroom, which is by a bunch of bathrooms way at the end of the building. As I passed the bathroom door, there were some students who yelled out the window at me, "Is there someone there? Help! The toilets are blocked!!" I said, "Well, you should go to the janitor or front desk for that." Then I realized that they meant the door was blocked. They were locked inside because the handle had broken off on the interior and the door had closed on them. I let them out, looked up the word for handle and went to the desk to tell them that they should fix it because I can't spend all of my time letting students out of the bathroom. It was even more hilarious because I told them that they should go see the janitor, and they probably thought I was an idiot. Ha.

The interesting incidents in or around bathrooms seems to be a recurring theme in my life, one that I'm hoping not to continue...

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